About Youth The Power Foundation

About Us

Youth The Power Foundation is working on so many Projects for the betterment of Youth, Women and Children in India.  As being a Non Governmental organization, Youth the Power has taken the responsibility to work for the society and hence have a huge liability towards it.  As per suggestions by general public and requirements seen in the society during problem finding campaign we have created a list of problems of the society.  We conduct regular visit to the rural areas as well as those areas where we can serve and work for the society. 

As per people and society guidelines we have created our many projects. We have categorized them and now working on them. Some of the prime need of the society was: Education, Women Empowerment and Public Awareness.  So we started working on these projects:

Education: – Education is the prime need for any country and we are also contributing for growth of literacy rate in India.  Youth the power foundation has started giving Education Free to the society.  By support of our volunteer and their funds we have started many free learning centers to provide basic, intermediate and higher secondary education free of cost.  In our centers we have the facility to take classes as coaching, complete course cover, Computer Courses, English Classes, Crash courses as well as test series and exams i.e. (Coaching for Bank Exam) to the needy student. We also provide free counseling sessions to inspire for our students and beneficiaries.  We also work for personality development, communication skill training, vocational training as well as professional courses to get child stand on their own foot. 

Women Empowerment: The meaning of Women Empowerment is the creation of an environment where women can make independent decisions on their personal development as well as shine as equals in society. Till now we know that women are not treated well in society. They have limited rights and dependent decision either on Father, Husband or Brother.  They have potential to work even more than the males however position in society is not very well.  Many NGO are working towards upliftment and empowerment of Women and we are also one of them. Youth the Power Foundation has created multiple opportunities for women in extra earning and to stand on their own foot. One of a Project i.e. “ MAHILAON KI RASOI” has been started by our NGO where some women are working together for their better live.

Social Awareness: Youth the Power is working towards social awareness  between individuals, groups and communities. A socially aware individual values human rights  and give preference to the social interaction with harmony giving overall growth to the society.  The great thing in social awareness is considering the need of individual and group. It also undertakes our roles and responsibility during conflict between two parties. We have to improve the level of sensitivity towards social justice.  To educate each and every individual about social issues, racism, poverty and their own rights. Youth the Power Foundation has working on each domain of social awareness and interaction between group and society.  

Fight Against Natural Disaster: An adverse event resulting from natural process on earth may cause loss of life, property damage, socio economic damage. The severity of affected area in natural disaster depend upon extent as well as population.  Government of India is  providing special funds and help to the affected people in natural disasters like avalanches, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, cyclonic storms, droughts, Tsunami etc. We as a NGO also provide them relief during these conditions through our volunteers.  We create and arrange multiple types of help for affected areas and people like manpower, hospitality as well as food and clothing.  

Talent Promotion: Talent of an individual of any age including from childhood to the higher age groups, Youth the power foundation is always seeking and promoting them and their talent in multiple fields.  We have organised multiple talent competition and  shows for talented people and provided platform for them to grow in industry. We have rich opportunities for people whosoever is interested in Art like Singing, Music, Dance, Modelling as well as acting.  We have seperate unit for promotion of their talent and providing them platform to make them successful in their life.